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I guess I can say it all started with Elvis and the BEATLES  about the same time I turned 12. I saw that everybody loved them, admired them and even (dare I say desired them intimately) and I thought to  myself  "OOOOOH Boy that's what I want to be!". I got my first guitar at Sears in Downtown Dallas. It was  a Sunburst, double F-Hole, AIRLINE, hollow body guitar that cost $24. I bought a couple of books with chords and patterns. I'd get up real close to the TV on Saturdays to watch Buck Owens and The Grand Ole Opry so I could watch their fingers and learn their songs. In the seventh grade I started learning drums in the school band. I was in the school band all through High School. While in band I learned how to play the Upright Bass and a some piano, while still learning new techniques and styles on the guitar. After High School I went in the Army, half because I needed to be away from  home, and half because I knew with the friends I had I'd either be dead or in jail. 

 Well, Viet Nam didn't kill me and the Army only screwed me up worse than before I went, but somehow I  managed to stay one step ahead of the law and I truly started out to find my musical "self".  I polished my licks night and day and played with anyone that wanted to jam. From ' 72 to ' 76, I also played solo  gigs anywhere I could unpack my guitar (mostly at Holiday Inns and Chealsey Street Pubs). My acoustic set was mostly Everly Brothers, Ricky Nelson, Dylan, Steven Stills and other pop-folk musicians. But  when I played my electric guitar it was a whole different ball of wax. My taste in electric was Eric Clapton, The WHO, JIMI Hendrix, Deep Purple and Uhria Heep. My blues influences where B.B. King, Johnny Winter, and that Little Ole band from Texas, ZZ TOP. I even dedicated a line in my song  "HeaveyMetalBlues" to ZZ.  "Well ZZ TOP done told me, and I sure do believe it's true, that you gotta turn up when your gettin' down, 'cause it's the Texas kinda thang to do". While living in Austin Texas during the 70's, Punk music was at its peak. Not really being a Punk but wanting to stay current and learn new stuff I formed a Metal/Fusion band with friend Don Fawn. We were "ALLOY" the strongest  most powerful music known to man. At least we were REALLY LOUD!  We opened to the largest crowd, at that time, for the World Famous "Rocky Erricson"...  a Texas Legend and Folklore Hero (sort of).

 Around 1980 I met a musician extraordinaire, Mike Bussey. He had been classically trained on piano since  age five and had been playing guitar since age 12. He could play Emerson Lake and Palmer on keyboards and Van Halen on guitar. And he was a nice guy. We played in two bands together. The first was "FOUR PLAY" a classic rock Top 40 band. That lasted about three years and then we formed  "Oktober Silk" an all original band . We were like Boston and Kansas and Deep Purple. But in Austin Texas in the he early eighties all the record companies wanted were another Stevie Ray Vaughn or the Thunderbirds. Everybody said  'Hey move to L A', but we all had wives, kids and homes... so that never happened. Then in 1989 I found myself living in Las Vegas. I quit playing music for three years while I worked as a slot  floor man and money runner for Circus Circus Casino on the strip. I started going to Blues jams onThursdays at Sonny's just off the strip. That's were I met all my Blues buddies that are still friends to this day. I met Slammin' Sammy Gartner an East Coast blues drummer, and my good friend Brian Wells and formed a band; "Dogs that Bite". "Dogs That Bite" had a large 'biker' following... because we played "Hard and Loud, Classic Rock with a Dog Bite". 

With a new wife and a new life I went back to my Texas roots and went through a stage of writing country tunes, and even recorded a CD of seven of my songs.
( For those interested, check them out on my COUNTRY website by clicking Here. )
Through the late 90's I worked on a number of projects with my friend and fellow tunesmith Bill Mills, a collaboration that continues, thanks to the internet. And, for the record... We ain't through yet, in fact you can say we're "Still in the Game". 

NOW I'm back in Texas, and I'M BACK to play the blues with a Texas Twang and a Country Kick! I'll be gigging around Kerrville, Texas and surrounding towns wherever a good Blues Jam can be found. Listen for me... I plan on being heard Loud and Clear!

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