Sammy Gartner
Slammin' Sammy Gartner's childhood was divided between a homestead in Fort Wayne, Indiana and relative's homes in New York City. His show business career actually began in the music field as adrummer, at the not-so-tender age of 14. His roots produced a playing style with an earthy blend of the nation's heartland and the culture and attitudes of the East Coast. (It also earned him the nickname of "Slammin' Sammy")

After relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada Sammy was the drummer for Huck Daniels and the Las Vegas Blues Society for several years. He has since worked with many memorable stars, including Bo Diddly,  Del Shannon, The Coasters and Freddie Cannon (to name a few...). He played his way through 38 states of the Union, 5 provinces of Canada, tours of the Bahamas, and entertained on Caribbean cruise ships.

He was also the house drummer for Las Vegas' "Grand Slam", a review that featured impersonations of major musical stars from Elvis to The Supremes.
It was during this booking that Sammy was inspired to perfect his rendition, or "re-creation", of Groucho Marx.Sam's full-blown, impersonation of classic comedian Groucho Marx is a crowd killer! This character has been continuiously successful at corporate, civic and private events in Las Vegas and Reno.
When Sammy added an on-the-mark impersonation of sportscaster Dick Vitale to his repetoire, Sammy's comic performances as this character in Las Vegas and Los Angeles WOWED audiences and even Dick Vitale himself, who declared that Sammy did a "Great Job!".
Sammy (as "Groucho") has also been featured in television commercials for the local Las Vegas car dealership "GMF Motors" which are still running repeatedly on Las Vegas stations!
Sammy has performed at countless local clubs and casinos, in addition to shows for the National  Broadcasters Conference (at the Las Vegas Convention Center), the Huntridge Theater and other Vegas venues.

Most recently Sammy has been seen performing in "Tony and Tina's Wedding" at the Rio in Las Vegas. He will soon be seen in a recently taped 'cable special' starring the infamous Heidi Fliess (air date unknown at this time).

Sammy was also featured as the wild eyed, wacky "Las Vegas Wedding Chapel"  minister in a music video  for ARISTA RECORDS country music group "DIAMOND RIO", for their hugely successful song "Unbelievable", which can still be seen on the various Country Music Video stations and programs!

Currently Sammy can be seen performing with the ensemble cast of "The Vegas Jersey Boys with Mark Maynard as Frankie Valli". A promotional video for the show can be seen on Sammy's video page.

In "Unbelievable"

as Groucho for corporate show

"Wacky Scientist" character

as "The Bananna Man"

 as "Sigmund"

as "Kotter"

as "Albert E"

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