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          Bill Mills
Hello and welcome... the MAIN page of my 'cyber-magazine'! From here you can pick from the various pages available to view by clicking on the buttons/links below. You can see a gallery of my photos (thumbnailed with 'click for larger image' feature) by clicking the PHOTOS button. There are full length MP3 demos of a number my songs in the MY MUSIC section. MY BIO has a number of links to additional material such as my 6 minute voice-actor's demo (MP3 file), other related websites, etcetera. There are also a few RealMedia  (RealPlayer)  videos on my VIDEO CLIPS page, and hopefully, more to come. 
* NEWS * A short fantasy/horror film in which I co-starred a few years ago, has been re-released to DVD... and  to surprisingly GOOD review, many of which can be found by clicking HERE! ( Additional info available by following the "THAT LITTLE MONSTER" link on MY BIO page! )
*ALSO... I have been contracted by RENAISSANCE E BOOKS INC. to produce audio presentations, readings and/or dramatizations, of short stories... and eventually novels too! Currently available as downloadable mp3 audio files at  REB AUDIO BOOKS, AUDIBLE.COM and  FICTIONWISE.COM and many other internet  audiobook sellers. Many of our productions have reached #1 on the BESTSELLERS list at Fictionwise!  Our first two "Audio Archive" programs about Old Time Radio both made the TOP TEN at Fictionwise... and our shows on "The Shadow" and "The Thin Man" actually set records for the longest stay in the NUMBER ONE position on the TOP TEN! We are very pleased and excited, as you'd expect. Check it out!
I have also begun a personal science fiction fan 'fun site' called The Voices Of Fandom ( TVoF ) containing rare and historic audios, as well as newly recorded interviews, speeches and filk music of interest to fan historians, filkers, conventioneers and fans of SF/F/H and members of sf fandom past and present. There are audio and video files available on the web site, a link to the Mills Photo Archive consisting of several 'albums' with many fans and pros represented from my personal collection of photos... AND we do a semi-regular TVoF PODCAST as well!

BIG NEWS! My Six Song Album of Original Songs "PEACE OF MIND" has been released to iTunes for sale. Check it out here: Bill Mills - PEACE OF MIND
(If you are an iTunes user, please click on the "View In iTunes" link. Going there will give you a full 90 sec Preview of each song, instead of a nearly useless 30 sec preview on the "Preview Page". TY

Thanks for surfing in to check out the further ADVENTURES OF THE CYBER-COWBOY! I hope you enjoy your visit and come back again, often.

And... "Have a Digital Day!"

BILL MILLS   July 2011

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