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Below you will find links to FULL LENGTH STREAMING MP3 files of some of my songs.
Please have a listen. I welcome your comments and opinons by e-mail! Thanx!

  All the songs on this page are written and performed by Bill Mills (except where noted)
*NOTE TO MUSIC PROFESSIONALS! Publishing IS AVAILABLE on all the songs on this page!

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"Peace Of Mind"
© '98 W. Mills

"I Need You"
© '99 W. Mills

© 2000 W. Mills

"I Really Hate Cryin' Alone"
© '99 W. Mills

"Don't Give Your Heart"
© '99 W. Mills
"'til I Recall Your Love"
© '99 W. Mills
"Why In The World?"
© 2000 W. Mills
"Time Has Come To Go"
(duet w/Donna Rowan)
© '98 W. Mills 

"Good Old Country Music"
© '70 W. Mills
"Home Is Where The Heart Is"
© '99 W. Mills 
"Where Your Dreams End"
© 2000 W. Mills 
"Posse on my Trail"
©1998 W. Mills 
"Shadow of the Dragon"
(production & lead guitar: Casey Abbott)
© '94 W. Mills 
"He Loves To Love Me"
(Christian Contemporary)
© '99 W. Mills 
"Goin' Back To Texas!"
(performed by Ron Graham w/ Bill Mills)
© 2004 W. Mills/R. Graham
*NOTE: "Shadow of the Dragon" was commisioned as a Movie Theme Song, but was not used. This is an edited version made from the only existing copy of this recording which was damaged so badly as to be unplayable. Though of poor quality, presenting this cobbled together version here is a way to finally show off the song, AND Casey Abbott's exceptional production and guitar playing talent! (for which I shall be eternally grateful. Thanx Casey!!)

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